Transcription & Etc

This page lists a variety of online transcription and other crowdsourcing opportunities. We will look at these together in class; please don’t peek ahead of schedule. If you know of anything that isn’t listed here, please let me know!

The Citizen Archivist Dashboard from the National Archives has several options

The Smithsonian also has several different projects here

Transcribe Reconstruction-era family reunification ads at Last Seen

Transcribe the unpublished works of Jeremy Bentham

This project asks sighted people to write descriptions of images in the Museums Victoria collections

Transcribe business directories of London in 1840

NYPL’s Building Inspector has several tasks working with Sanborn maps

Transcribe menus in the NYPL’s collection

There are A BUNCH of projects over at Zooniverse

Find newspaper articles from around the US for History Unfolded: US Newspapers and the Holocaust

These projects are nearly at stopping points, for now, but there will be more documents later:

Colored Conventions Project

Decoding the Civil War

The Marine Lives Project‘s work is a bit more in depth and they seek volunteers that will work with them for longer amounts of time, but I encourage you to check out what they are doing.