Week 5

Organizational Digital Strategy

Museums and historic sites require a different sort of digital strategy from an individual one. Many of you will be called on to run social media for one of these sites. What should that look like? What platforms and rules are best? What about other digital issues for organizations?

Museums, the New Social Media Darlings” by Kerry Hannon

Social Media and Organizational Change” by┬áDana Allen-Greil, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution; Susan Edwards and Jack Ludden, J. Paul Getty Trust; and Eric Johnson, Monticello, USA

The Me/Us/Them model: Prioritizing Museum Social Media Efforts for Maximum Outreach” by Jonas Heide Smith

How to Increase Your Museum’s Social Media Reach by 2500%” by Museum Hack

Blow Up Your Digital Strategy: Changing the Conversation about Museums and Technology” by Robert Stein

Is Instagram Killing Museum Culture or Reinventing It?” by Jennifer Hijazi


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