digital history spring 2018

Welcome to the website for HIS5595 Digital History for graduate students at Appalachian State University. This page an overview of the goals of the course and links to weekly discussion materials.

In this class, we will discuss a variety of digital technologies in the service of doing history. We will talk about what digital history is as well as the differences between digital history and the broader digital humanities. Further, we will investigate intersections between digital history and public history. Students will learn skills and the language to discuss technology.

One of the main goals in the course is for students to overcome the fears and intimidation that many of us have concerning tech. We will practice with specifi programs and each student will create their own wordpress site with a professional portfolio. We will also be working with a community partner on a project useful to them. More about the project in another post!

Students will be blogging, and I want to learn how to host an rss feed so that more people can read about students’ own digital journeys.

Most weeks will cover two themes or a theme and an in class workshop. Click the week to see the readings for that meeting. Click here to suggest readings for future versions of this course.

Week 1: Course introduction

Week 2: Computer history & the Perils and promises of digital history

Week 3: What is public history? digital history? & Evaluating digital history projects

Week 4: Personal digital strategy & Domain set up with wordpress installation

Week 5: Project partner visit & Organizational digital strategy

Week 6: Fake news & Omeka installation

Week 7: Digital archives & Zotero workshop

Week 8: Maps & Crowdsourcing

Week 9: Spring break!

Week 10: Visualization and timelines & Copyright and ethics

Week 11: Project work

Week 12: Big data & TBA

Week 13: Project work

Week 14: NCPH!

Week 15: Digital storytelling and historians

Week 16: Digital history and public history

Week 17: Final meeting